Happy New Year!

  • Wow, so much happened last year and yet 2017 went by so fast. As Zelda fans it was pretty eventful.

    We got reprints of Zelda Mangas with some colored pages. New Zelda Merchandise and of course a brand new Zelda game that was built under the premise of breaking the franchise paradigms

    I am really looking forward to this year! Thank you all on behalf of Zelda Cavern's staff!

  • Oh oh. Exciting!
    A good start of the year having you around, man.

    I still have 1 hour and 45 minutes. Jumping the gun eh?

    As it was, I had to eaither post it then or not being able to post due work.

    I worked through the transition because good ol' food industry wants to be open to provide during the count down.

    Had a good time and my boss let me go and watch the fireworks with @Sardonic Pickle and after that he was fine finishing my shift an hour earlier.