Hyrule Warriors for the Switch

  • Well... that was a surprise.

    I am ashamed how easy it is for me to fall for this. Even if I can see through it.

    I want it... :.__.:

  • If we have the domains redirecting here, we definitely need to make sure we got a proper section for the franchise then. :XD:
    Although, if I remember correctly you got the first domain long before the game was even created, as in many years prior. I find that pretty funny.

    And the game... well, you might like it or not, depending on how you feel about hack and slash. I enjoy it in short bursts. It is satisfying to crush a lot of enemies after a hard day, but some modes can make things quite frustrating in a minute. If the trailers didn't grab you, I don't think you would enjoy it, you pretty much will get what you expect.

    If you are curious you could probably get a second hand for the wiiu or 3ds version for a cheaper price and see how you like it.