Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

  • For the excitement of some and the massive groan of others, Hyrule Warriors is being ported yet again, this time to the Nintendo Switch.

    Unlike last time, no new campaign missions or characters exclusive for the version have been announced.

    Based on its trailer video, it seemed to take the 3DS version additions such as the fairies and according to Nintendo, the software will include all the previous DLC.

    The only exclusive addition we know if so far is... *sighs* the Breath of the Wild skins for Link and Zelda. Look, not saying I don't like them but you gotta throw a bone for those who already paid for the game before in order to entice them to do the jump. Giving just the equivalent in other games of a 3 dollars transaction, makes it harder for people to justify spending again the full price to own another copy.

    Oh, my bad. I should know better than to rant on the news. Not that it matters much since this is just a test. Still, cheers for making it this far. Also you can check Nintendo's page on Hyrule Warriors for details.

    So, how do you feel about this announcement?